Judge of Circuit Court (Circuit 6)

What are the TOP 3 reasons you want to be a circuit court judge? What would you consider your TOP 3 qualifications that you want voters to know?
Bibi M Berry*
  1. Offer fair and reasonable solutions to disputes
  2. Employs a child-centered focus on family disputes
  3. Uses her communication and listening skills to explain to litigants the judicial process
  1. 24 plus year career in the legal field
  2. Presented to various bodies on law and litigation related topics
  3. Membership in the Maryland Bar Association Board of Governors
David A Boynton*
  1. Has acquired the depth and breadth of judicial experience rarely seen in judges
  2. Display the patience, humility, knowledge, wisdom, judgment, common sense, compassion and humanity expected of judges
  3. In Family Court, providing what is in the best interests of the child and setting the foundation for the future success of the divided family
  1. Over 16 years on the bench
  2. Only judge in Montgomery County elected as an ASTAR Science and Technology Fellow
  3. 21-year career was that of a trial lawyer handling thousands of cases
Christopher C Fogleman*
  1. Compassionate and unbiased, listening carefully to all parties, many of whom cannot afford legal representation
  2. Particularly sensitive to the serious and complex issues presented in domestic violence cases
  3. Addressing barriers to access to the courts and legal services in Maryland
  1. Was an Assistant Public Defender in Montgomery County from 1985 until 1988
  2. Remained with private law practice with the law firm Gleason, Flynn, Emig, Fogleman & McAfee, Chartered for 30 years
  3. One of the three judges serving on the Mental Health Court
Michael Joseph McAuliffe*
  1. Elected to the American College of Trial Lawyers
  2. Spent 32 years in private practice in the Rockville law firm of Ethridge, Quinn, Kemp, McAuliffe, Rowan & Hartinger
  3. Elected by his peers to the Board of Governors of the Maryland State Bar Association
Marylin Pierre
  1. Temper justice with mercy.
  2. Make decisions based on the evidence and the law.
  3. Treat people with compassion, dignity, and respect.
  1. I have been practicing civil and criminal law in Maryland for over 28 years.
  2. I am a former chair of the Montgomery County Criminal Justice Coordinating Commission.
  3. I am a United States Army Veteran (Military Police Officer).

Board of Education at Large

What are your TOP 3 issues, stances, and/or action items? What would you consider your TOP 3 qualifications that you want voters to know?
Sunil Dasgupta
  1. Help MCPS students recover from academic and mental health losses of the pandemic. This means fixing online education and planning ahead to be ready to bring students back when public health officials allow it. MCPS must reach the thousands of students who remain unconnected, enable teachers to organize in grade level teams to pre-record virtual lessons, and improve its communication to students, families, teachers, and staff.
  2. Rebalance resource allocations, enable staff diversity, and improve curriculum inclusiveness to make our schools more equitable. This starts with a new boundary review and adjustment policy, rethinking capital spending, and goes all the way to how curriculum is adopted, how to fix the reading skills deficit, and recruitment and retention of teachers and staff of color.
  3. Help teachers and staff deliver the best education possible to our students. MCPS educators were overwhelmed before and now educators have mastered online delivery without much support. This cannot be expected to continue without burnout. Caring of our educators is central to ensuring education quality in MCPS.
  1. I have spent 20 years in the classroom and over a decade in academic planning and management and have taught online for seven years. I know what it takes to teach, online and in-person, how curriculum is developed, how teachers are hired and trained. I will work with other Board members and use my academic background to engage with MCPS staff to make clear, data-driven, and transparent decisions.
  2. Knowledge of public policy and research, school budgets, and advocacy. I have clear, realistic, and achievable plans on difficult issues such as the boundary study, mental health support, capital spending, climate change action, special education, and re-opening schools. I founded an annual youth mental health and wellness forum bringing together MCPS, the PTAs, Health and Human Services, and providers.
  3. As a first-generation immigrant, I will bring to the Board my experience managing diversity and overcoming discrimination. I represent a broad coalition of support from Takoma Park to Poolesville and from Bethesda to Clarksburg and represent the changing face of Montgomery County.
Lynne Harris
  1. Student voice/community engagement: MCPS must fully embrace the unique wisdom, lived experience, and creative energy of our students and communities as the way we do business and the way we make decisions. We must go beyond emails and social media and reach out to include and engage families in their children's education, especially in marginalized communities.
  2. Becoming a fully inclusive and anti-racist school system in EVERY aspect of the work of our school system. The six focus areas for the current Anti-Racist System Audit are just the beginning. As a board member, I look forward to ensuring that the audit's findings are fully implemented, ensuring that students of all backgrounds see themselves in our staff and curriculum, and feel safe and valued for being exactly who they are.
  3. Open data, to ensure consistent excellence of all instruction and equitable access to all opportunities. We have to start with good data to see the inconsistencies and gaps in our system so we can fix them.
  1. Registered nurse with a master's degree in public health: As we deal with the ongoing effects of COVID-19 in our school system, it's critical to have someone with medical and public health credentials on the Board of Education as decisions are being made.
  2. MCPS teacher and parent: There's nothing like knowing the system from the inside. I've been a classroom teacher at Thomas Edison High School of Technology for 4 years. I am in the (now virtual) classroom with students every day. I bring this unique perspective to the board table to make decisions about our children. I'm also the mom of a high school senior. I've seen our system from top to bottom, inside and out.
  3. Longtime community advocate: Experience matters. I've spent more than a decade building relationships and partnerships across Montgomery County. I headed the 42,000 member Montgomery County Council of PTAs, serve on the Commission for Children and Youth, and have worked with a number of key initiatives including safe routes to school and environmental sustainability.

Board of Education (District 2)

What are your TOP 3 issues, stances, and/or action items? What would you consider your TOP 3 qualifications that you want voters to know?
Michael Fryar
  1. Redistricting to ensure that students are attending the closest school (60% do not) which will also allow us to resolve other issues, including diversifying our impoverished children. No school should have more than a 50% FARMS rate, because of the issues that come with a population facing overwhelming poverty.
  2. The addition of magnet and theme schools to create public school choice. This will allow students the opportunity to attend schools and programs that are appealing to them and their interests, further diversifying our student population.
  3. Expanding pre-kindergarten programs to encompass every child in Montgomery County having the opportunity to attend a program.
  1. 30+ year education veteran as a classroom teacher, social worker and attorney.
  2. MBA and business background makes me a versatile board member able to understand and discuss complex budget issues.
  3. Compassionate specialist who has dedicated his entire career to working with children, our most vulnerable population.
Rebecca K. Smondrowski*
  1. Elected to her second four-year term for Board of Education on November 8, 2016
  2. Has served on the Montgomery County Council of Parent-Teacher Associations (MCCPTA) Board of Directors
  3. Serves on the Board of Directors for the MCPS Educational Foundation

Board of Education (District 4)

What are your TOP 3 issues, stances, and/or action items? What would you consider your TOP 3 qualifications that you want voters to know?
Shebra Evans
  1. Continue addressing the disparities in student outcomes by closing the gap in opportunity and achievement.
  2. Continue expanding public and private partnerships.
  3. Continue efforts to diversify our teaching workforce with emphasis on recruitment and retention.
  1. My experience on the school board, coupled with my leadership, has been an asset. Currently serving as president, for the second consecutive year.
  2. Developed relationships with federal, state, and local elected officials to continue the work needed to make progress for Montgomery County Public Schools.
  3. A Board of Education member and the parent of two MCPS students. Each lens is equally important because they inform the other.
Steve Solomon
  1. Finding a way to open schools safely and bring kids back from virtual learning to in person learning.
  2. Expanding vocational and technical programs in MCPS. While tech jobs are the future, we can't forget about the fact that we'll always need skilled plumbers, electricians, and carpenters. Currently only one high school (Edison) offers these programs.
  3. Ensuring basic services in all schools. No school should be without heat, working equipment, or be deteriorating from old age. All of our schools should be safe and modern. We need to be proactive for our growing population.
  1. I'm a lifelong resident of Montgomery County. I've spent my career as a radio/podcast host, not a politician. I'm just an average guy who wants to help the community that he's been part of his whole life.
  2. I've been involved in various efforts to help our community - volunteering for boards and organizations, dog rescues, and helping on other campaigns. I'm committed to doing the best for Montgomery County.
  3. I believe that students and parents want their board members to give them real answers and solutions to their problems. We'll be facing difficult budget decisions in the future due to the economic effects of the coronavirus.